Have you ever imagined yourself working for female gamers?

"Working at Cheritz is..."

Making a career out of something you like can be both a dream and a challenge. However, it is definitely not impossible.
Do you like what you like? Are you willing to infinitely grow with us in order to deliver love to our users? Can you imagine yourself grown as a person you want to be through a career with us? In that case, give it a try. Your experience with us will prove valuable and help you to grow.

Game Design

game dev
  • Programmer, scenario writer, graphic designer, designer, etc.
  • Love for games and ability to evaluate ideas
  • In-depth philosophy on teamwork and ability to honestly self-evaluate
  • Ability to enjoy working with our ideas and culture


biz manage
  • Human resources, accounting, office duties, etc.
  • Attention to details, excellent interpersonal and communications skills (written and verbal), and ability to enjoy working in the respective field or relevant experience
  • Ability to embrace mistakes as chances to discover underlying causes and improve for the future
  • Ability to enjoy working with our ideas and culture


  • Translator/interpreter in English/Japanese/other languages
  • Mastery of a required language and superior understanding of general life and culture
  • Experience in playing games for female gamers or games of similar genre in a required language and/or familiarity with TV shows or series
  • Ability to enjoy working with our ideas and culture


  • Developing overseas business, designing events, etc.
  • Passion in external business and fluency in English
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills
  • Superior understanding of our ideas and culture and ability to present them to external parties
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As you grow, the company will grow. We believe communication and comfortable working environment are crucial in genuine growth. We therefore provide dessert time for our employees to freely submit and exchange opinions and meditation sessions for the employees' internal growth and solution for stress.

You can find below the areas we are currently hiring for. The resume you submit will be saved in our job-searching database, and you may receive contact without prior notice.

[Details and Notice for Application]

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  • Our job offer may be withdrawn or canceled upon verifying false intelligence in your application.
  • Please send supplements to your application and questions for job positions (other than constantly hiring positions) to

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  • Requirements
    1. Strong desire to work with us and clear ideas on potential responsibilities to take
    2. Ability to work well with our ideas and culture
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Scenario Team (Constantly Hiring)

  • Responsibilities
    1. Designing/writing/directing scripts
    2. Composing script proposals/plans
    3. Communications on resources and related areas
  • Requirements
    1. Ability to provide and select various ideas about a topic
    2. Patience in writing
    3. Ability to research and study the differences between game scripts and novels
    4. Ability to write with sincerity instead of desire for honor
    5. Equal and self-driven point of view
    6. Ability to work well with our ideas and culture
    7. Various experiences in life
    8. Desire to collaborate with various areas related to games
  • Supplements
    1. Portfolio
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IT/General Affairs (Constantly Hiring)

  • Responsibilities
    1. Managing PC and utensils
    2. Managing external business and licenses
    3. Organizing resources and managing and/or maintenance of index of saved materials
    4. Managing company security and service
    5. Assisting additional office or general affairs duties
  • Requirements
    1. Proficiency in both Mac and Windows
    2. Commitment/responsibility
  • Supplements
    1. Resume/cover letter
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*Please check Gamejob/Twitter for job openings in other positions.