Storytelling Games for Female Gamers

The potential of Cheritz`s games lies in their stories with messages.
We strive to make games with messages that can make female gamers entertained and happy. Our identity rises not from simple production of games for gamers but from the idea of reaching gamers by mapping their hearts through our games. Upon this core idea, here at Cheritz are people who joined to present gamers with happy experiences and themselves with meaningful experiences.

And based on this identity, since 2012 we have launched games on a worldwide scale without publishing or investment, won boundless support from female gamers of Korea, America, and Southeast Asia, and maintained independent business ever since.


Additional Game Merchandise

The vivid characterizations of figures from our games led to additional merchandise. We Cheritz Team have thereby successfully launched and provided for purchase a variety of game-based merchandise, just as how fans would create handmade products for their beloved games.


Please check out the Cheritz Market for detailed lists of merchandise currently on sale.

Online/Offline Events

In order to bring about precious experiences with those who enjoy our games, we have planned and held various online/offline fan events.

anime expo

We hold or take part in offline events where we invite voice actors featured in games, demonstrate actual gameplay, or present surprise offline events. Also, we frequently hold social events to entertain our users, including retweet events, drawing lots, and reviewing events.

Please check our social network accounts for more details on our online events.