About Us

Pride in Creating Games That Bring

We take pride in creating games that bring happiness. We believe games provide mutual connection between creators and users, and our vision comes true when our users find entertainment and happiness through our games.

Striving for Original Contents

We wholeheartedly devote ourselves to creating original games. We challenge boundaries and stereotypes to show the world unprecedented contents for female gamers.

Good Contents and Good Careers

In order to mutually exchange happiness with our users through our games, we creatively and commercially engage ourselves with good contents and provide good career opportunities that will return creators` input with respect and growth.

Faith in Freedom and Love

We believe exceptional creations take place when we cherish freedom and love, and we made exercise of our faith as the foundation of our core ideas. We value freedom, responsibility, love, and passion in an environment where everyone is equally treated.

Cheritz`s Biography

We have strived for development and global service of games for female gamers ever since our company was founded on 2012.

  • 1 7 Years

    We have been committed to storytelling games for female gamers for 7 years, providing various game service and producing distinguished IPs.

  • 1 3 Games

    We have launched storytelling games for female gamers, each of them met with love and promising results.

  • 1 137 Countries

    Our users have purchased our games in 137 countries so far, sending love and support particularly from America, Canada, Germany, and Korea.

  • 1 7.0 Million

    We have globally shared happy memories with 7.0 million female gamers through our games. Also, our users are ardently engaged with their creations based on our games on YouTube, Tumblr, blogs, etc.

Meet Cheritz`s Games Now.

Dandelion - Wishes brought to you -

Platform: PC/Mac
Supported Languages: English/Chinese/Korean

Date of release: 2012.08.27


Nameless ~ The one thing you must recall ~

Platform: PC/Mac
Supported Languages: English/Japanese/Korean

Date of release: 2013.11.11


Mystic Messenger

Platform: Android/iOS
Supported Languages: English/Korean/Spanish

Date of release: 2016.07.09 / 2016.08.24


We are looking for people who can join us to bring about meaningful changes
in the game market for female gamers.

Have you ever imagined yourself working for female gamers? We consider ourselves the pioneers in the history of games for female gamers and very cautiously map our new paths. Everything about us, from the direction we take as a team to your internal growth, is highly related to the existence of our games. If you agree with our ideas and culture and seek to grow and make history with us, submit your application now!